Bahamut Legends

Happy 2014 everyone! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! I love you all >w<!


I was cleaning up some stuff recently and I found this little gem again… a project that was assigned to my grade 8 class (I was 13). We had to write a story and make it into a book, with covers and all. I wrote a story called Bahamut Legends. I thought (back then) that it was pretty damn original. I thought it was really cool and I would ace the project. I mean cmon the cover had a bad ass looking dragon (imo at that time LOL):


Here are the pages from my project… I think it should be clear enough to read. I couldn’t stop laughing. Just count all the character names, places and situations I jacked from various RPGs lmao. Just beware it’s like a really bad original cross over fanfic.

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